Chinese Cresteds at Crestars

The dogs that were used to take pictures of the step by step have either passed away or are getting up in age. I have done these step by step a long time ago. I have changed the way I do the hairy hairless. Please make sure you read carefully as opposed to look at the pictures only.

I would like to bring to your attention that, the following care information pages are what I found working best with "my own" dogs.  Different methods of caring for the skin and coat may greatly vary from one individual to the next.   Depending on the climate you are living in and your lifestyle, you may have to adapt your dog’s conditioning accordingly.  There are such a great variety of products out there that one’s mind goes into a spin.  It is in your best interest to go out and gather as many tips and tricks as possible from other Chinese Crested and similar breed owners.  Experiment on how well your dog’s skin and coat type will respond to it.  Keep in mind that instant results will most likely not happen.

When first trying out new product such as a new brand of shampoo, conditioner, food, etc., a couple of days should be needed in order for you to assess if it is compatible with your dog. It could save you and your dog from unfortunate experiences.  If you are planning on showing your dog, don’t try any “miracle products” the day of or the day before your show.  Do it at least a week ahead of time.

Take in consideration that some dogs may be allergic to different things.  You should use the same type of food, shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. as first instructed by your breeder. You may with time, decide to switch to different products to suit your climate or needs for your show/companion preferences.  A definite advice on the food subject is: Do not in any case switch your dog food brand at once! This will simply spare you from lots of potential messy cleaning and a sick dog.


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